A German, French, African
                   consortium in West Africa

Project structure: WP 4

Economics integrated into the ecosystem approach to marine management

Joern Schmidt, CAU (Kiel, Germany)
Didier Jouffre, ECOSYM (Montpellier, France)
Ibrahima Diallo, CNSHB (Bousoumboura, Guinea)

The aim is to determine the optimal management of key fish species, taking into account economic (including profits by fleet) and ecological drivers and needs. A special focus will be on the effects of environmental variability and climate change on economic performance and indicators.

  • Task 4.1 Optimal economic-ecological management of selected key-species under environmental uncertainty
    • Sub-Task 4.1.2 Modelling of Ethmalosa fimbriata
    • Sub-Task 4.1.1 Modelling of Sardinella aurita
  • Task 4.2 Spatial economic-ecological approaches
  • Task 4.3 Ecosystem, economic, and fish based indicators of global change in West Africa
  • Companion project WP4b. Coastal erosion: monitoring, processes and impact on societies (Geomer, CAU, Legos, LDO, Lerg, CNSHB, IMROP, INDP, FD, CERESCOR)

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