A German, French, African
                   consortium in West Africa

Master AWA

Project structure: WP 2

Variability of pelagic productivity in West-African waters

Carlos Santos Ferreira INDP (Mindelo, Capo-Verde);
Gerd Kraus v-TI (Hamburg, Germany);
Patrice Brehmer LEMAR (Plouzané, France).
  • Task 2.1 Productivity indicators of oceanic small pelagic fish in nursery, shelf and deep water/oceanic habitats
    •  Sub-task 2.1.1 Ichthyoplankton sampling and analysis
    •  Sub-task 2.1.2 Analysis of female fecundity
    •  Sub-task 2.1.3 Hydroacoustic measurements
    •  Sub-task 2.1.4 Trophodynamics and recruitment index
    • Companion task 2.1.1b Retrieving available AtlantNIRO ichthyoplankton time series
  • Task 2.2 Pelagic key components at the interface between the subtropical gyre and coastal upwelling
    •  Sub-Task 2.2.1 Spatial distribution and environmental forcing of the mesozooplankton using multifrequency hydroacoustics and ADCP data
    •  Sub-Task 2.2.2 Midwater fishes
    •  Sub-Task 2.2.3 Fish school spatial structure and distribution
  • Task 2.3 Exchange processes and pelagic productivity at the estuarine interface
    •  Sub-Task 2.3.1 Mapping the estuarine features
    •  Sub-Task 2.3.2 Estuarine ichthyoplankton and acoustic survey
    • Sub-Task 2.3.3 Clupeid population studies

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