A German, French, African
                   consortium in West Africa

Master AWA

Project structure

WP 1. Observation and modelling of ocean physics and biogeochemistry supporting the ecosystem approach to marine management

Peter Brandt, GEOMAR (Kiel, Germany);
Alban Lazar, LOCEAN (Paris, France);
Bamol Saw, LOSEC (Ziguinchor, Senegal).

  • Task 1.1 Assessing a highly variable oceanic environment
    •  Sub-Task 1.1.1 Gathering and analysis of historical and recent environmental datasets
    •  Sub-Task 1.1.2 An Enhanced Observing Period for assessing the variable environment
  • Task 1.2 Modelling the variability of the environment
    •  Sub-Task 1.2.1 Modelling the main physical processes
    • Sub-Task 1.2.2 Modelling the main fluxes
    • Sub-Task 1.2.3 Description, modelling and mechanisms of the regional circulation of Cape Verde islands
  • Task 1.3 Observation and simulation synthesis: towards prescription and early warning tools
    • Sub-Task 1.3.1 Assessing the predictability of the environment variability from a few weeks to several years ahead
    • Sub-Task 1.3.2 A Long-term Observing Period for assessing the inter-annual variable environment

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