A German, French, African
                   consortium in West Africa

West African  Atlas

PI: Dr Dominique Dagorne (IRD US191-Imago)

Several West Africain marine data, specially from remote sensing are available (open access), but a general overview of these data and how to access is difficult to find. One of the objectives within AWA was to compile such a data pool to improve knowledge in marine sciences and data sharing.

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Word Ocean Atlas (WOA):
Physical : Temperature, Salinity ,Oxygen
Macro nutriments : Phosphate, Nitrate, Silicate

Yearly climatology
Monthly climatology

  • Cartography at different depths
  • Vertical profiles in some points
Satellites surface parameters

SSTs , color (CHL), SLA , wind 

  • Delayed Time (DT): month-week archive
  • Near Real Time (NRT): daily alimentation