A German, French, African
                   consortium in West Africa

Master AWA

A long history of joint research projects

The German and French partners involved in the project have long and comprehensive experience in scientific research concerning the tropical Atlantic Ocean. The collaboration between LOCEAN-IPSL, LEGOS, and the technical IMAGO, and IFM-GEOMAR is well established, and includes direct observations, the analysis of models and data with respect to the role of oceans in shaping the West African Monsoon (Brandt et al., 2010), joint research cruise and several collaborative missions at sea and visits to West Africa. The international research laboratory UMMISCO and the ECOSYM laboratory have considerable experience of research with the West African partners. ECOSYM have established an associated team of young scientists in Senegal, which includes the IFAN. It is also the case of LEGOS which have established a JEAI with the CRHOB of Benin (Centre de Recherche Hydrographique et Océanographique du Bénin) and CRO (Centre de Recherche Océanographique) of Abidjan both partners of the AWA projects. The EME laboratory has a history of close cooperation with all the West African partners. The LEMAR laboratory has built up close cooperative links with the CRODT (Centre de Recherche Océanographique de Dakar Thiaroye – Senegal) and other AWA partners in the sub-region (IMROP and CNSHB). The IPSL laboratories developed a tight collaboration with LPAOSF (Dakar – Senegal) during the past ten years of the AMMA program, in particular with researchers working in LPAOSF for the last 5 years. There is now a long history of cooperation between the oceanographic institutes and marine ecology laboratories of West Africa with the IRD (involving several partners from French research units); numerous projects could be mentioned.

From Chang et al. (2006)