A German, French, African
                   consortium in West Africa

Master AWA

AWA International Workshop, Ecosystem approach to marine environment in West African waters. 27 June - 1st July, Hotel le Lodge des Almadies, Dakar, Senegal

  • Monday 27th June 201  

Opening (09h30-09h45)

Consortium presentation (09h45-11h30)

Short and Quick Presentation of Institute, mean at sea (R/V and devices), International and national projects related to workshop themes, Interest, Capacity building (6’minutes talks).

INDP ‘Carlos Santos’
CRODT ‘Hamet Diadhou’
CNSHB ‘Ibrahima Diallo’
FD ‘Nfamara Dampha’ IMROP ‘Amed Taleb’
LPAOSF ‘Alban Lazar’
LABEP ‘Youssouph Diatta’
LERG ‘Gualbert S. Dorégo’
UGB ‘Niass Farock’
UZ ‘Bamol Ali Sow’ Locean ‘Alban Lazar’
LPO ‘Eric Machu’
Lemar ‘Patrice Brehmer’
Legos ‘Yves du Penhoat’
GIZ ‘Michael Vakili’
University of Kiel ‘Voss Rudiger’
v-TI ‘Heino Fock’
Ifm-Geomar ‘Peter Brandt’

Context and projects (11h30-12h00)  

The CCLME and AWA Projects
(Sidibe Aboubacar, FAO)  

The West African experiences in fisheries sciences
(Vakili Michael, Gopa-CSRP)

Theme session: Pelagic ecoystem ecological observations
(Chairperson and moderators: Santos Ferreira, Brehmer, Diallo) (14h00-15h30)  

From measurements to management : stepping stones towards an indicator-based EAMME
(Fock, vTI)  

Pressure-state-response-framework of indicator based assessment of ecosystems
(Probst, vTI)  

Impacts of global climate change on pelagic fish communities’ in West Africa: taxonomic and functional approaches
(Niass and Kantoussan, UGB)  

West African fish indicators, the ‘Indiseas’ experiences
(Diallo, CNSHB)  

Biodiversity and ecosystem functions: Complementarity effects in phytoplankton communities
(Herwig Stibor, Europole Mer)  

Multifrequency acoustics: A tool for ecosystem monitoring on different trophic levels
(Gloe, University of Hamburg)  

Fish stock assessment and ecosystem monitoring the direct approach using various Acoustics techniques
(Sarre, CRODT and Brehmer, Lemar)  

Discussions (15h45-16h45) 

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  • Tuesday 28th June 2011

Keynote speaker: Peter Brandt (GEOMAR, Kiel). Speech:   Ocean variability and impact on ecosystem in West African waters.  

Theme session: Observations and modelling of the physico-chemical variability of the ecosystem (Chairperson and moderators: Brandt, Lazar, Gaye) (09h30-11h30)  

Monitoring and modelling the West-African upwelling system
(Alban Lazar, LOCEAN-IPSL)  

Guinea current project: present, past future (Yves Du Penhoat, LEGOS)  

Predictability of West African marine climate system
(M. Wade/Amadou Gaye, LPAOSF-UCAD)  

Variability of the Mauritania-Senegal upwelling (Bamol Sow, LOSEC-UZ)  

Monitoring of physical and biogeochemical parameters with autonomous gliders
(Gerd Krahmann, IFM-GEOMAR)  

The canary current upwelling dynamics: which scales, for which processes to assess?
(Phillipe Estrade, LOCEAN-IPSL)  

Discussions (11h30-12h00)  

Theme session: Modelling pelagic ecosystem dynamics
(Chairperson and moderators: Machu, Fock, Diadhou) (13h45-15h15)  

Potential use of coupled models to study upwelling ecosystem dynamics (habitat, recruitment, trophic interactions)
(Eric Machu, LPO)  

Biogeochemical modelisation of the Canary Current LME: A prospective study of the primary production limiting processes
(Thomas Gorgues, LPO)  

Investigation of recruitment issues by biophysical modelling: Case of small pelagic fish in coastal upwelling regions
(Timothée Brochier, LEMAR)  

Modeling the annual variability of the pelagic ecosystem of Senegal-Mauritania: The impact of the biophysical environment on larvae survival of  Sardinella aurita
(Baye Mbaye Cheikh, LPAOSF)  

Theme session: Economic instruments for an integrated ecosystem approach to marine management
(Chairperson and moderators: Voss, Taleb, Dampha) (15h15-16h15)  

Economic instruments for an integrated ecosystem approach to marine management (Voss Rudiguer, University of Kiel)  

Dynamic of coastline on sandy coast from Mauritania to Guinea Bissau
(Ibrahima Faye and Françoise Gourmellon, Geomer)  

Discussion – 40’  

Roundtable: Effect of climate change in West African waters (16h15-17h45)

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