A German, French, African
                   consortium in West Africa

AWA associated projects

FP7 Env. 2013.6.1-1. "Preface" Enhancing PREdiction oF Tropical Atlantic ClimatE and its impacts

Objective: To reduce uncertainties in our knowledge of the functioning of Tropical Atlantic climate, particularly of climate-related ocean processes (including stratification) and dynamics, coupled ocean, atmosphere, and land interactions; and internal and externally forced climate variability.

Budget: 8000 k€ (submitted)

PI: Noel Keenlyside (Norway, University of Bergen )

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ANR Agrobiosphere

Objective: (in redaction)


PIs: Xavier Capet, Patrice Brehmer, Eric Machu

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Lefe Imago


Budget: 22 k€

PI: Xavier Capet (CNRS, Locean)

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FSP Parraf

Objective: In redaction

Budget: 150 k€

PI: Hamady Diop (CSRP/SRFC)

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Coastal erosion in West Africa


Budget: 1920 k€ (rejected from "G8 Belmont forum 2012").

PI: Brehmer

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