A German, French, African
                   consortium in West Africa

Master AWA

Scientific committees and general assembly

Three General Assemblies will be organized during the Project (months 1, 18 and 36) during which any necessary decisions will be taken (adaptations, redefinition of objectives, response to unexpected events, etc.). The Work Packages will be under the administrative management of the coordination team (WP0) assisted by a project manager and the existing institutional secretary of the WP leaders. Financial management will be supervised by the administration of the IRD North-France centre for financial administration by a structure which has been trained to work with the West African partners. Each partner will be responsible for scientific management, with support for the mission at sea from the IRD US IMAGO (in charge of means at Sea). The Coordinators (Patrice Brehmer, LEMAR and Gerd Kraus, vTI) are responsible for WP0 entrusted with the overall management of the project, and will be assisted by three co-Pis A. Sidibe (FAO); P. Brandt (IFM-Geomar); A. Lazar (Locean). P. Brehmer will be based at the ‘European Institute for Marine Studies’ within the UMR Lemar Marine Environmental Sciences Laboratory; G. Kraus, director of the Institute of Sea Fisheries, will be based in Hamburg at the Johann Heinrich von Thünen-Institut (vTI). They will be assisted on a daily basis by the Lemar management staff and more specifically for the purposes of the project by a specifically detached project manager (36-month contract). The Coordinators and co-Pis will supervise all the activities involved, and have the task of assisting any that require particular assistance as a result of unforeseen difficulties.

 Each Work Package is under tripartite responsibility (Germany, France and West Africa). WP Leaders make up most of the Executive Board of the General Assembly.

See WP leader composition.

See international advisory commettee

See local delagate by laboratories and countries.