A German, French, African
                   consortium in West Africa

Master AWA

Ecosystem Approach to the management of fisheries and the marine environment in West African waters

To add a new dimension to the long history of cooperation in Science and Technology (S&T) between Europe and Africa, Germany and France have decided to join their efforts to strengthen S&T cooperation with Sub-Sahara Africa, building on mutual strengths and interests.

Germany and France towards a joint approach for the S&T cooperation with developing countries: the example of Sub-Sahara Africa, Potsdam June 2010

It was decided within the framework of the 3rd German-French Research Forum in 2009 to intensify solution-oriented cooperation in science and research between Germany, France and the countries in Sub-Sahara Africa. This call is based on the agreement between the German and the French governments on the improved coordination and linking of respective national research initiatives with Sub- Sahara Africa. In implementing this agreement, the Ministries involved agreed in November 2010 to issue a joint German-French call for proposals in order to specify or complement existing proposals for initiatives with African partners. Consistent use is to be made of the synergies emerging from linking existing competences and experience and the joint use of established networks and research infrastructures in order to provide visible added value compared with previous measures. Special significance is therefore attached to trilateral cooperation between various partners in the field of research and development. As an initial measure, a German-French Workshop took place in Potsdam from 17 to 18 June 2010 entitled “Germany and France towards a joint approach for the S&T cooperation with developing countries: The example of Sub-Sahara Africa”. The workshop was organized by the two German Ministries BMBF and BMZ (Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development) together with the corresponding French Ministries, MESR and MAEE. It was attended by representatives from the Ministries, from national implementing and intermediary organizations (IB (International Bureau), AIRD, German Technical Cooperation (GTZ), German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), "Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et en Automatique" (INRIA), "Centre de coopération internationale en recherché agronomique pour le développement" (CIRAD) among others) as well as from industry and by researchers from Germany, France and Sub-Sahara Africa. In the course of the two days, the participants drafted proposals on possible German-French-African initiatives in four different subject areas: 1) Health; 2) Agriculture/Food Safety; 3) Environment and 4) Applied Mathematics/Computer Science. In the follow-up, initial proposals for possible initiatives were drafted with the help of an online consultation process in which workshop participants were able to take part. These proposals were presented to the Ministries in mid-October.